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The reference point of our fees is the daily value of the UK pound sterling (GBP).

We are more than happy to give you our quote on request. But you might like to calculate our fee yourself. This is how to go about doing that:


The editing and proofreading fee for 1,000 words of text is GBP25.00.


Calculate the fee for proofreading/editing your text:


1. Multiply the number of words in your text by .025. You now have our fee in GBP.


Example: You have a text of 800 words. Multiply 800 by .025, and you arrive at GBP20.00. That is our quote.


2. Use a currency converter to find the GBP equivalent in your own currency.



The writing fee for 1,000 words of text is GBP100.00.


Calculate the fee for the writing of a text that contains the number of  words you require:


1. Multiply the number of words you require by 10. You now have the fee in GBP.


Example: You want a text of 1,600 words. Multiplying 1,600 by 10 yields the figure 16,000.  Now move that back by two decimal points, and you get GBP160.00. That is our quote.


2. Use a currency converter to find the GBP equivalent of in your own currency.


'I want an essay of four A4 pages. How much will that cost? '


When we quote in response to a question like this, we assume that you are double-spacing your text and using Times New Roman, 12pt. So we take it that your average page contains 347 words. That, multiplied by 4, amounts to 1,388  words (1,388 x 10 = 13,880). So, moving back two decimal points, we quote GBP138.80. 


Of course, if you are single-spacing your text and using a font smaller than Times New Roman, 12pt, there will be considerably more words on your page. So it is essential that you tell us all about the font and line spacing that is to be used on your A4 page. Without that information, we cannot give you an accurate quote.


PS: The writing fee is subject to task-difficulty variation. For instance, a heavy research demand will raise out fee. But we offer a firm quote before we begin a writing task. Proofreading/editing charges never vary.