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The Well Bred Sentence
An Intensive Study of Sentence Construction and Punctuation
Copyright: Sophie Johnson

Table of Contents

Foreword  Dr Graeme Marshall

Chapter 3 The Simple Sentence

Chapter 7 Punctuation


Chapter 4 The Complex Sentence

Chapter 8 The Comma

Chapter 1 What is a Sentence?

Chapter 5 The Compound Sentence

Chapter 9 Speech Marks and Other Raised Commas

Chapter 2 The Parts of Speech

Chapter 6 The Composite Sentence

Chapter 10 The Apostrophe

Chapter 11 The Articles

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The Well Bred Sentence is published on this site. Its companion work, Exercise and Answer Notes, a 16,000-word document (see sample) of twenty-three exercises and answers, is available from English Grammar Tutor. Purchase of this document obtains the licence to reproduce it at will for non-commercial purposes. It is available for purchase at GBP10. The purchaser will receive it by email.